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You must have heard about Feca many times and you may be wondering "What is Feca?" Well, many people have asked same question and they have recieved the answers from the stories of Fecaites. By explanation, Feca stories are narrations from Fecaites in different chapters in Nigeria who tell you a little about what Feca has done in their lives and what Feca can do in your life. It is a story that describes how someone joined Feca. And his or her experiences in Feca ever since his induction into Feca.

You can read all about Feca Nigeria in this article.
Below are Feca stories that you will emjoy reading. They are from young people in Nigeria. Most of the stories are obtained from interviews, and magazines.

By Ugwuoke Rosemary Amarachukwu


Feca is really my family. I met people who are my best friends than my sisters and till now, they are still Fecaites. An outsider can’t do this type of thing for you. Sometimes I wil be in my house, and I will be like, “Where will I go?” and I will remember that there is a Fecaite that stays close to my house. I will go there and the way we’ll ball, you’ll not even know that I am not a member of the family. So that is the love. That’s God’s love I’ve experienced in Feca. I thank God for that. I thank God that that guy, Ken C, Kenneth, met me and told me about Feca. I thank God. (Smiles)

By Onyekwelu Kenechukwu Kelzy


I joined FECA in 2013. I had my initial bias based on where I was coming from but something was very attractive about FECA – seeing young, beautiful people (like very beautiful_haha) and energetic people worshipping God in spirit and in truth, this helped me to tuck in my bias. There was sound fellowship and revelation of God.

By Miracle Chibuko


I was religious, yet knew very little about Christianity. I actually thought I knew enough...

By Edith Ike


Before admission into the University I said to myself I will continue with this family when I get to school. When I got there however, I thought to myself, “Edith, continue with school work, you will find them later”.

By Amara Nwagbo


I was fresh out of secondary school and was so confused and depressed. That was till I met these set of people...

By Ubachukwu Daberechi


I was a victim of low self-esteem. I couldn’t just do it for myself; it has to be to please someone here and another there. I just wanted to look cool, even if it wasn’t cool. But then...

By Chibuko Nzoputa Godslove


I’ll always be thankful to FECA Nsukka for making me the person I am today...

By Onwuchekwa Ugomma

Ugomma Onwuchekwa

For me, FECA had always been what I desperately needed; people that were different and didn’t mind being different!

By Ugochukwu Nwokedi

Ugochukwu Nwokedi

It was in FECA that Christianity became real to me. the first real touch of God I had was here. I know it was real because I’m yet to recover from it.
I learnt to appreciate my uniqueness and see the good in others.

By Chimezie Nwagbo

Chimezie Nwagbo

I learnt the Christian walk in FECA Nsukka. I was a young boy that had mastered religion but was still trapped in the cycle of sin. It was in FECA that Christ first became real to me and Christianity became my life.

By Joy Onodu

Joy Onodu

At first it was hard to figure FECA Nsukka out because it was different from what I was used to. I stayed away because of this, but it was as though an invisible force just kept pulling at me.