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What is the meaning of "Fresher's Banquet" in Feca

A Fresher can be explained as any new member in Feca Nigeria.
In many churches, there are (most times) new members, and they are welcomed by the church, so also it is in Feca. New members are called Freshers.

Every year, Feca Nigeria organizes a formal welcome banquet for all her new members. This banquet is held in all the chapters in Feca Nigeria across all the regions and zones. In any chapter that Freshers Banquet is beng held, there will be lots of programs packed for the freshers by the Committe in charger of the Banquet, called Freshers Banquet Committee. The committe is meant to organize the logistics of the program, bring out a theme for the program, and publizie the program to the house as well as to the general public. Some of the popular events or programs that will be seen and experienced in the program include:

Each chapter can add more packages to the above listed programs depending on the decisions of the Committee. But the two most important and major packages are The Word and The Banquet proper.

Freshers Banquet has always been awesome.

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