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Have you ever been to a convention ground or a conference and find some persons wearing a blue or red tag around their necks?
Have you ever wondered why they do that?
If your answer to the above questions is yes, then read on. Here I am going to explain a few major reasons why tags are important in national conventions and any conference generally.

Well, talking from the corner of Feca Nigeria national conventions, there is always a tag that Fecaites wear around their necks (with different colour of ribbons). In some conferences, it is called Platoon.
The importance of the tags in conventions is to fortify or strengthen one’s identity in the convention ground. Most times one will always see the Camp Commandants stressing on wearing of the registration tag and those who default would not be allowed to enter the Convention Hall. Well, this is very necessary because it is to ensure that strangers, kidnappers, and bad groups don’t enter the convention ground and shit on the altar. If they succeed in shitting on the altar, it will smell.
Registration help to make a participant in the convention to look responsible just like an identification card.

Once you are wearing it, a security agent would know that you are a member and he or she would just pass by. The reverse is the case for those who are not wearing the registration tags.

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