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About Feca Nsukka: All you need to know

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Updated: November 11, 2019

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Feca Nsukka History

Complete History of Feca Nsukka Leaders (1996 to 2020) (Link)

Feca Nsukka Porgrams

Feca Nsukka Pictures

Feca Nsukka FOSM Directory

Feca Nsukka Reunion, (2017)

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Feca Nsukka History

Feca Nsukka Chapter started meetings at Nsukka as a holiday fellowship in the year 1991. Meetings then were held at New Science Lecture Theatre. This however did not last for long because most of the people there with us got admission to study outside of UNN. The meetings were organized by some persons like Choke Chukwudebe, Miss Kalu, Nnenna Ihemelandu, David Ezeoka etc. Most of these persons happened to graduate from Unity Schools around the country and they resided in Nsukka. So after their secondary education, they decided to keep fellowship with themselves to grow in the word and be united. They also went around making known their vision to other people and youths around Nsukka. This however, could not last. In the year 1996, Uchechi Ifeanacho was very instrumental in restoring the fire in the vision again. As of them, she was a first year student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and she co-opted Ugochukwu Okoye, and Ugochukwu Nwankwo to help her. Feca Nsukka officially resumed after the third quarter of in the year 1996 and she started with a Co-ordinator by name Ezinne Nwala (Nee) and she was assisted by Ezinne Okoroafor, Chika Bob Duru and Ihemelandu Enebe Okoroafor Uzodimma and others. The meeting place for Feca Nsukka was the University Primary School compound and their meeting day was on Saturdays only. Her first outreach program was held on the 1st of November, 1996 and it was called Praise Capade (which is an escapade of Praise). The outreach was a massive success which saw the lives of many people changed and also many people joined in the vision, hence, Praise Capade has become an annual program in Feca Nsukka. Shortly after the program, the first set of Chapter executive were constituted and they were only four in number. They were to carry on as Co-ordinators in the fellowship but Bob Duru and Uwana Ette were about to leave Nsukka.

In 1996/1997, Dr. Mrs Pamela Ezeuzoamaka was selected and appointed the Patroness of Feca Nsukka.
In 1998, Dr. Mrs Joy Nwamarah was also adopted as the second patroness of the chapter. This was done so as to give assistance to Dr. Uzoamaka who was greatly indisposed due to her post graduate studies abroad. At this point, the executives of the chapter were: Uwana Ette (President)
Okoroafor Ezinne (Vice President)
Uzoma Ihemelandu and (Outreach Co-ordinator)
Chika Bob Duru (Prayer Secretary)
All the while, Feca Nsukka meetings were at the University Primary School class rooms and quadrangles, depending on which was available, and Saturdays was the main fellowship day with prayer meetings on Wednesdays at any found location in UNN (sometimes, at Abuja Building, Stadium, Hockey Pitch, Individual homes, etc). During vacations, Feca Nsukka would have cell meetings at the different locations in UNN such as Odim Gate, Umunkanka, Cartwright, etc. This however, did not thrive for long.

In 1998, fellowship meetings were moved from University Primary School to CEC Corridor while Prayer meetings were at the uncompleted building at Christ Church Chapel, UNN. And in the same year, the program: “In Your Generation” started. This was spear-headed by the outreach co-ordinator Uzoma Ihemelandu Enebe. The main aim of the program was to catch the younger generation of students who just left secondary schools. In the year 1990, the Bible Study classes started, initially they were held on Tuesdays for one hour but later, in 2000 Bible Study and Prayer meetings were merged by Dr. Nwabuisi Okoye with the aim to build up the Word base of the members and also for doctrinal teachings. Every member was made to pass through the teaching. This led to the establishment of a law that all bonafide members of Feca Nsukka must pass through Bible Study Class (Now known as Foundation Bible School). There were only three classes that were taught and they were taught by Uwana Ette, Dr. Okoye Dozie and Ihemelandu Enebe Uzoma. In the year, 2001, it was revived and Foundation School became six class training. Currently, FECA Nigeria has adopted a ten class training nationwide.

In the year 1990/2000, Princes Forum started in Feca Nsukka and was coordinated by the president. This motivated the Jewels in Feca Nsukka to start up their own Forum. This provided a healthy competitive platform for the two forums to groom themselves into becoming responsible adults in the future. Both units sought to complement the other and this created a healthy environment for the improvement of character, decorum, etiquette and responsibility. The Jewels were then coordinated by Ihemelandu Enebe Uzoma. Feca Nsukka as from 1998 had only three functional units: Drama Unit, Music and Publicity and Decoration Unit. Every member of the chapter was expected to belong to at least one of the units mentioned above. Later in 2002, Dance Unit was introduced by Uwaoma Oyeoku. In 2003, when the chapter could afford instruments, the Equipment Unit started (which is now known as Technical Unit) and it was started by Kalu O. Kalu as the head. Dance Unit and Music Unit were merged together under the same coordinator in the year 2004 and it was coordinated by Niabari Fakae. Also, Publicity and Decoration Unit was fixed into the office of the External Coordinator (this was a constitutional office).

Feca Nsukka was first represented at FECA National Convention at Shagamu. This was attended by Ezinne Okoroafor, Abana (nee) Ijeoma and Okoye Nwabuisi.
In the year 2003, Feca Nsukka hosted for the first time and so far her only convention using ST. Cyprian’s Girls and Special Science Schools. This was done under Chijioke Nwosu’s Presidency.

Feca Nsukka Programs

There are programs that are held in Feca Nsukka in a tenure. They include: one Regional Convention, one National Convention, one National Leadership Retreat, one National leadership Training, two Freshers' Welcome Banquets, two Mock Jambs, two Save Generation Next two New Nigeria Project, two Fire Conferences, one Jewels' Pot, one Princes' Book, which includes a Princes' cookout; one Praise Capade, and one Holy Spirit Seminar.
Of course there are many other new programs that are introduced by each tenure, it is good to note that the above mentioned programs are the ones which are very familira to most Fecates in Nsukka.

Feca Nsukka Pictures

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Feca Nsukka FOSM Directory

Feca Nsukka has a FOSM directory that helps to connect FOSM members who are in any of the region of in Nigeria. The directory is made up of five (5) branches with one FOSM member incharge of that branch; they include the following:
Nsukka Branch: Call Ozioma Ezeibe (08167331708)
Enugu Branch: Call Nkemjika Uwaezuoke (08051238910)
Port-Harcourt Branch: Call Chinma Okaroh (08065675475)
Abuja Branch : Call Uzo Nwoji (08065471098)
Lagos Branch: Call Chukwumaobi Onuoha (08038676530).

Feca Nsukka Reunion

Reunion is an event which marks the gathering of a group of people who once had a commo time together. It is like a convention of old time friends who had not seen each other for a long time, maybe four or five years or more. In reunions, people who once worked together, lived together or schooled together would gather for a catch-up on each other and there are benefits to reunion.
In Feca Nsukka, (as of the time of publiishing this articel, 2019), had her last reunion in 2017 with the theme "Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16)". The event took place at CEC, Niger Hall, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, from the 29th day of September, to the 1st of October, 2017 with 21st anniversary celebration.

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