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Key Features of "Feca Prays" in Nigeria

September 9, 2019

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With the history of Feca deeply rooted in prayer, it is good to note that prayer is one of the core pillars that moves mountains not on;y in an organization like Feca, but in Christianity generally.

Feca Prays is one of the exercise that every Fresher must go through in Feca. It is not a school per say, but it is a lifestyle. It is a unique lifestyle in Feca. So unique it is to the point that it leaves its remembrance in the minds of any fresher that just comes into Feca. Fervernt prayers are made by young people from all chapters during Feca Prays.

Features of Feca Prays - Presence of senior friends during session
- Feca Prays lasts for over six hours
- Fecaites wear T-shirts during session
-Fecaites pray in the Spirit

Presence of Senior Friends During Session Most times, the presence of senior friends are seen in national and regional conventions, and they would always attend Feca Prays. When we see senior members praying in the Holy Spirit, we as young adults become motivated to pray like them. They sometimes lead prayer sessions and they open our eyes through scriptures towards the things of the kingdom and how we can improve on ourselves. Feca Prays Lasts for hours
There has not been aFeca Prays of one hour; unless it is otherwise planned. But the normal Feca Prays lasts f or over six hours starting from 6A.M on Saturday. Fecaites just speak in tongues. Non-stop.

Fecaites wear T-shirts during Prayers FecaT-shirts are worn most of the time during prayers. So if one is planning on going to convention with Fecaites, he or she should have money for T-shirt or carry along with him the T-shirts he has. But this does not mean that everyone must put on T-shirts during Feca Prays. Those who could not afford the shirts in camp grounds can were a polo or any T-shirts or any cloth. The idea behind the T-shirt is because it makes you free during prayer session. Imagine footballers, they wear shirts in order to run "freely" while playing. That is how it is in Feca Prays. You must be ready for war in prayer and wearing a T-shirt or polo will help.

Fecaites pray in the Spirit There may be longer ways to pray for long hours, but the best way to do so is to pray in the Holy Spirit, that is, praying in tongues. Fecaites like speaking in tongues. In prayer sessions, Fecaites pray in tongues, non-stop.

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