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About Fecaite: Real People are found in Feca

By Emmanuel Onyemaechi

November 11, 2019 Share this post

There are noticeable features that one finds or identifies whenever he or she meets any group of people. These features are capable of keeping one in that group. But if the features one sees in that group are not OK, then he or she willl likely leave for another place or group. In Feca, you meet people, you interact with people and you bond with them. There is fun time in Feca; there is serious time in Feca; there is show time in Feca and there are real people in Feca. The realness of Fecaites is what keeps new members; it is what makes people to love Feca. I am an example. When I first went for a national convention in 2014, I and others met the first national president of Feca Nigeria, and her colleague - who are now married women. They narrated their stories of how they started Feca. But the thing that caught me most was what they suffered as young girls, how they were persecuted in their school and how some of them sufffered sexual assaults...and how they won at the end. Sometimes, it is soomeone else's story that motivates me. How about you?

In this article, I am going to be explaining the topic based on the following:

There are real people in Feca

Fecaites are a set of people who are blessed with wisdom. They call a spade a spade; they don't fake things or hide them. I know of a sister who had dropped out of the university twice, and returned twice because of the efforts of Fecaites. Narrating her story, she said that it was not even the "why" she came back but the "how" that made her to change her mind. (A fellow Fecaite showed her the dangers of leaving school in a nice and polite way...which made her think that it was her idea.) She did return to school because of the "how", and not because of the "why". That is what Fecaites do, raising feeble knees up. Fecaites are blessed with wisdom, they know what you know, but will not "show" you that they do. But they won't hesitate to show you a better way of doing something you thought is the best way to get that thing done, and make you feel like it was all your idea.
When it comes to being real, a Fecaite can tell you his or her real self without fear or favour. Not many people can do that. Not many people can narrate how thay started as smokers, womanizers or addicts (like pornography addiction or drug) or even those who were sexually assaulted at a tender age. They share their stories sometimes while preaching, in talk shows or at other times like during one on one conversation. Whenever they are telling these stories, they add fun into it, not faking the details of anything in the story.

There is fun time in Feca

There are many things that Fecaites do, and one of them is "catching fun". Yes. This means that Fecaites can go out and enjoy themselves in a group, or individually. They love "balling" and "FaFing" as the terms are still used. Group of Fecaites meet at different states during vacations, hanging out and sending pictures on the WhatsApp group chat. This really helps in building friendship and love.
On special occasions like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, you will find a lot of Fecaites come out and celebrate with one of their own. They love doing what they do. They spend quality time together, sometimes in special hangout programs just to get together, drink zobo and eat pop corn. In some chapters, they go all the way to the mountain and take pictures, while in yet other chapters, they go out in a fellow Fecaite's house and have a cook-out where all the young men will be the ones to cook while the ladies watch and cheer...meanwhile a FOSM member will be preaching something *wink. It is during these times that the men would display their talents...some might do one or two Gospel raps, (as a way of entertaining the ladies and guests) with music, beats and a DJ who is also a Fecaite.Sometimes, in some chapters, a football match would be fixed between the young men and the ladies.

There is show time in Feca

Fecaites are a group of people with multiple talents. There are web and app developers, there are musicians, there are song writers, beats producers, DJs, poets, academics, bakers, pastors, and lots more. The beautiful thing is not just the talent but the fact that in Feca, there are available platforms that allows youngsters to "showcase" these gifts and talents. For instance during Freshers Banquet you will find a lot of Fecaites performing on stage. They do dance, music, Gospel rap, special ministrations, spoken words, competitions, special views, interviews, bible recitation, and even the famous Feca MOCK UTME is another platform that allows young people to challenge themselves. Besides, during fellowship days, you find up-coming actors and actresses perfoming. Some FOSM members in Feca have testified that they got to becoome the people they are today due to all the "drama" they were "acting" while in Feca. Today, they are happy to have been doing all those things (like setting up musical instruments, taking a leadership role, going out for reach-outs, acting, doing spoken words, or even leading the praises... and stuff like that *wink). It paid...everything they did paid because they took it seriously.

There is serious time in Feca

Imagine having a friend whom you live with in the same room (as undergraduates) and that your friend is a leader whereas you are not a leader in the fellowship. There are times when you will definitely wonder why your roommate is ordering you and acting as if you guys are not roommates. More like a boss and an employee. There are times when she would act as though she does not know you. Those are serious times.
In Feca leadership, seriousness matters. A typical example is during Congress. You will realize that your best friend (who is the president) would not act as though he knew you. *Sometimes. He or she could punish you as deemed fit. If you fall below expectations, you will be reprimanded, chastised or punished. Seriously. There's no child's play in it because he also gets that same level of punishment from the Zonals and Regionals. There is seriousness in virtually everything that is being done in Feca...
I hope you enjoyed thins article. In case you want to add something, write it in the comment section below...

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