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About Feca Nigeria: All you need to know

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By Emmanuel Onyemaechi Updated: November 11, 2019

Feca Nigeria is a religious organization (according to Facebook grouping), but to people who know Feca more, they will tell you that Feca is more than a religious organization.
Officially, Feca Nigeria has a history, and that is the one you will see anytime you Google "History of Feca Nigeria," and this history also appears on most of the articles written about Feca Nigeria.
In this article, I am going to explain Feca Nigeria based on these contents:

Who is a Fecaite?

A Fecaite is an individual who identifies with the Christian organization known as FECA. Feca is a non-denominational Christian organization that started in the year 1990 by nine girls in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Ever since then, the vision of Feca has been burning, and everything is achieved through and by Fecaites. A Fecaite attends one or more chapters in Feca Nigeria. He or she is one who loves to share even the last of what he has. He or she is a willing and obedient leader as well as a good follower. He is also ready to work at any capacity for the growth of Christ's flock.
Fecaites are young men, women, boys and girls who are passionate about the things of God like worship, prayer, singing songs of praise to God, and sharing in the love of God. Fecaites are love personified. They are lovely people.

History of Feca Nigeria

In the year 1990, nine young girls from Federal Government Girl's College (FGGC) Calabar, Cross River State were led of God to put a lasting solution to the predominant problem which plagued their students. They observed that their senior students who had been examples to them in the Chirstian faith were becoming the opposite once they graduated or entered the university. The junior students became worried that what happended to their role models would happen to them.

Upon leaving school in the year 1989/1990, a group of nine girls (SS 3 students) decided to correspond with each other through letters to encourage one another in the Lord and in maintaining the high standards of integrity and righteousness. They also kept correspondence with other students of integrity who lived outside of Calabar. The letter writting soon evolved into weekly meetings. Some other groups from PortHarcourt and Benin City with identical meetings aligned themselves fully for the vision, as soon as they heard about the group in Calabar. Meetings also began in Enugu, Lagos, and Akure as other ex-students of various Colleges became aware of the this initiative.

The name FEDERAL EX-STUDENTS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (FECA), was adopted and the associtation was officaially inaugurated in the year 1991 in Calabar, Cross River State. But upon registration with the Corporate Affairs Commision of Nigeria (CAC), the association was officailly registered and is now known as Federation of Colleges Ex-Students' Christian Association (FECA).

The association has continued to spread to different states and cities around the country with over 120 chapters.

See the girls who started Feca

Feca Logo

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Feca Nigeria's logo comes in different designs, and there are many of them online.
Amongst them all, the logo below is an example

Feca Nigeria Anthem

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Varse One

Here and now in our time
We remember our God
Who made us and loved us
And gave us Christ His son
So we come in the love
Of the one who made us free
We stand in one accord
To redeem the desolation of our land and generetion
As we walk with the Lord.

Varse two

In the days of our youth
We remember our God
Who gave us this nation,
And the blessings we recieve
So we give him our lives
And the worship he deserves
We move in one accord
In his holiness and power
To redeem our generation
Till he comes again.

The Chorus

We shall rise and shine as the light
We shall lift the weary hands up that hangs down
We shall raise the feeble knees that stoop to fall
As we call upon the Lord
What he tells us we will do
And we shall keep this vision burning
As we walk with the Lord.


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Feca Nigeria has many regions and in each of the regions, there are zones (States). The regional level consists of two executives : The Regional Coordinator and the Regional Secretary.
The Regional Coordinator and Secretary help to see to the affairs of the Zones under each regions and give monthly report to the National body. Also, the regional secretary helps to write reports of activities in each zone and send same to the national body.
The regions in Feca Nigeria is divided into four:
Eastern Region
North-East Region
North-West Region
Western Region

See all the regions with their zones (Opens in a new tab)


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FECA Nigeria has several Chapters scattered all over the country made up of 8 constitutional executives which includes the president, the vice president, the general secretary, the assistant general secretary, the prayer secretary, financial secretary, the outreach coordinator and the external coordinator. The number of chapters of FECA Nigeria has grown considerably over the past three years.
See all Feca Nigeria Chapters
All leaders in FECA Nigeria are mandated to serve for two years and each executive is eligible to contest again after he/she has passed screening. FECA Nigeria has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and presently remains one of the most influential spiritual bodies in Nigeria with membership strength exceeding over 8,000.

Current National Leaders (2018-2020)

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There are always seven persons who are the top arrows of Feca Nigeria leadership. Each tenure is mandated to serve for two years and at the end of the second year, there will be a national convention where all the Fecaites form all the chapters would converge. This gathering also ushers in the new set of national leaders in Feca Nigeria.
The current tenure (2018-2020) has the following persons as the national leaders, and they include:

See the Picture of the leaders here

Official Website

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Feca Nigeria has an official website that contains any kind of information that you may want to explore such as the belief of Feca Nigeria, the messages from many preachers in conventions, and lots more.
You can visit Feca Nigeria Official Website here.

National Programs

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In every organization, there are many laid down programs or schemes of work that the organization recognizes as authentic and which should be recognized by all the members of the organization. Feca Nigeria has her programs, that she recognizes at the national level.

The following are the programs that are recognized by Fecaites at the national level:

  • Financial Summit
  • New Nigeria Project
  • Freshers' Welcome Banquet
  • National Prayer Week
  • Mission Training and Discipleship
  • Oaks of Righteousness
  • Regional Convention
  • Role Models
  • Save Generation Next
  • Spread

Financial Summit

This is geared towards teaching and empowering Fecaites on all the issues that concerns money. The aim of this program is that by the end of the tenure, there would be an immense increase in the financial status of the chapter, zone, and also in the lives of the individual Fecaites.

Financial summits are normally witnessed by the presence of the national leaders of Feca Nigeria, who would visit some of the chapters, and lead the preaching session of the day.

New Nigeria Project

This program is aimed at raising and releasing National Builders in every sphere of life.

Freshers' Welcome Banquet

Popularly known as Freshers' Banquet, the program is aimed at giving the new members of Feca Nigeria in the chapter a warm welcome, and also to organize a formal banquet for them.

National Prayer Week

This is a program in Feca Nigeria that is aimed at praying for the nation, Nigeria.

Save Generation Next Program

The puropse of this program is to help children and all the little children who are in secondary schools to find their place in the Lord, and also to create a good foundation for the little children.


Feca Nigeria Spread is aimed at soul winning. It is basically, about evangelism. It is also about reaching out to people in schools and streets.

Role Models

This program is aimed at preparing the young men for effective fatherhood and to take full responsibility for their lives and destiny.

Regional Conventions

Feca Nigeria regional convention is a biannual gathering of Feca members and leaders nationwide, with a focus on the word of God, prayer and Fellowship.

National Convention

Feca Nigeria National Convention is a biannual program that sees the gathering of all Feca Nigeria members all over the nation with the aim of fellowship, prayer and word of God.

Mission Training and Disciplieship

The aim of this program is to effect outreaches and growth in the various chapters and zones in Feca Nigeria. This is done through effective evangelism and training with practical discipleship. The training will create in the minds of Fecaites, the understanding of the dynamics of evangelism and how to follow up new converts.

Oaks of Righteousness

The purpose of this program is to create a spiritual-emotional-physical balance in the lives of female Fecaites so as to make for a complete and whole person not lacking in any of these areas. This is done so that they can love God, focus on their purpose, understand their possibilities and abilities, and their role in building a good home and society.

Social Media Platforms

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Feca has social media platforms where most of her programs, announcements, and flyers are uploaded for the general public and all Fecaites to see. Here, I am going to be sharing the Facebook and Instagram platforms of Feca Nigeria. They are the official platforms of Feca.
Official Facebook Home Page
Official Instagram Home Page

See Feca Chapters on Facebook here

Pictures of Fecaites

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There are many pictures of Fecaites, both on Facebook and here.

One thing I have observed about Feca is that Fecaites love pictures. You can visit the galleries page here which is grouped according to chapters... More chapters will get published with time.

1 / 6
2 / 6
3 / 6
4 / 6
5 / 6
6 / 6

Senior members Forum
Enugu Chapter
Jos II Chapter
Abakpa Chapter
Iba Chapter
Ikot Abasi Chapter

Feca Nigeria Conventions (2019)

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This year, Feca Nigeria is going to be having different regional conventions and by next year, it will be the National Convention.

For most of the Conventions

In Imo Zone Regional Convention, the theme is "Relevance." It is happening in Imo State Nigeria.

In Ogun Zone, the regional Convention is themed "Him."


See Connect Feca Lagos' Message for #Him

In North-East Region, in Taraba Zone, is will be #The Convergence.


In Nasarawa Zone, the regional Convention is themed "The Emergence."


FAFing in Feca

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FAF can mean a lot of things to many people. I have seen a magazine where they wrote FAF and the meaning used in describing it was Family And Friends. But in Feca, FAF is totally something else.
In Feca, FAF means Fellowship After Fellowship! It is the type of gathering that is very obvious amongst Fecaites and this fellowship after fellowship has to do with the interaction that Fecaites do have together even after the fellowship is over; it goes beyond that. This fellowship after fellwoship goes to the point that even after the main fellowship is over, Fecaites would not want to go home. It is love. We meet each other. We talk more. We ball. Sometines, we go all the way to someone's house and have another fellowship there. It is the love we share - fellowshipping with one another beyond the normal fellowship hours. We FAF a lot!

There are many other things about Feca which I have not even come to understand, as well as many other people. They tell most of these things in their Feca stories.
Take your time to read their Feca Stories.
We are still redeeming desolations...KTVB

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