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My Personal beef with Feca Nigeria

October 30, 2019

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Everytime I try to imagine how far I would've gone if I knew what I know now when I was much younger, it fuels my 'beef' for FECA. They gather every Saturday, & each time I get a chance to be with them I'm always amazed at the love and passion these young people have for the lord, & how wonderful the result is showing in their lives... What did I ever do wrong to FECA when I was younger that they never crossed my path??? I want to meet all the people that were executives when I was younger, I've got lots of questions for them... Was my secondary school out of your jurisdiction or was it just about me? Well, while I'm still looking for them, let me advice young people...

Please if you are in secondary school or you just finished, locate any FECA gathering in your area and join them o. All the fecaites I know are successful in different areas of their lives, I don't know how they do it... They want to keep this thing to themselves alone but my God will EXPOSE THEM! They might not come to you, find them o, if they are not in your school, ask friends from other schools and locate their meeting venue. My God will EXPOSE them, very soon there will be no hiding place for them anymore. Amen.

Firestone Kofi.

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