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History: Downtimes in Feca Enugu Zone (2014)


By Miracle Chibuko

November 04, 2019 Share this post

...In that year, there were a lot of setbacks, but we continued in service to God. We lost a fellow president in the zone (Feca Enugu president) during the early months of the tenure. We also lost the father of our very own Outreach Coordinator (Agbo Valentine). Our president was also attacked and seriously wounded by armed robbers on the eve of our National Leadership Retreat (NLR). At some point too, things looked very dry; there were low turn ups for fellowship meetings, poor unit ministrations, cliched meetings filled with boring routines and so on. I definitely remember being called for a meeting with some fellow executives by our direct predecessors to be asked what was going on and then we blamed the dryness on our individual differences (*smiles). But then, we learnt that some of these differences were meant to be. Things definitely worked together for our good. It was a training ground for all of us, from the leaders to the led.

School vacation periods is one of the periods that I personally believe every Feca tenure on campus usually dread. (Lol.) It reminds us of the fact that we are not a campus fellowship. Those long vacations did hit us as well, and we would all go out looking for school leavers and all to make sure that we don't remain two or three in the presence of God (hahaha...and yes, we are always in God's presence). But then, we quickly forget these new converts when people are all back and the hype is on again. We learnt better though, even as the tenure progressed. It all boiled down to proper follow-up which was one of the challenges that we had.

But praise to God, we enjoyed every bit of the journey.

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