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About Feca Campus Network in Nigeria

September 13, 2019


Feca is a great place for young people who love God and are passionate for God. Feca is in every part of Nigeria, with many chapters in virtually all the States in Nigeria. Sometimes, a member leaves his home chapter and zone for studies in the university. There are times when upon leaving one's home chapter, for the university or college, one would find it difficult to locate a feca chapter in that university setting.

What is a Home Chapter in Feca?

But there are solutions to this problem. The first solution is Feca Nigeria program of events that is being shared to Fecaites during conventions; it contains a directory of Feca chapters and phone numbers. The student can make use of this directory for reference purposes.

The second solution to the problem of not being able to find a Feca chapter in Campus is Feca Campus Network. Feca Campus Network is that office in some Feca chapters that sees to the welfare of youths and Fecaites from different zones and regions who are stuying in a particular university. Feca Campus Network or FCN, gathers Fecaites in a particular university, example Unizik, and acquaint them with all the Fecaites from other parts of the country who came to study one course or the other in Unizik.

The Purpose of Feca Campus Network

There are many reasons why Feca Campus Network exists, some of them include:
- Support
- Meetings
- Accomodation
- Connection

Support: Freshmen on campus are sometimes in need of one form of help or the other. They therefore tend to bend towards and become loyal to the one who provides such help for them. This help can be in form of notes, textbooks, or handouts, or even tutorials for difficult courses. It is the responsibility of Feca Campus Network to cater for these needs for the Freshman on campus.

Accomodation: It is a common issue in some campuses. Accomodation pose as a bully to students who arrive campus for Post UTME Screening exam, or for their first semester session. Whichever the case is, it is the resposibility of Feca Campus Network to bring these students to a safe place where they can rest their head after the business of the day. This is part of the love that is being shared in Feca, for Feca is love.

See the directory of Feca Chapters with venue and phone numbers

In addition to the above, it is the responsibility of Feca Campus Network to provide help for the member from another zone and state in form of food, or finance. Some FCN members cna get their school fees paid for them (especially those who could not afford school fees).

Regular Meetings: Feca Campus Network meetings should be taken seriously. The coordinators should make every member to attend and be actively involved because it is in the meetings that more Fecaites from other zones get to know each other.

Some of the features of Feca Campus Network meeting include prayer, introduction by the members, Word, brainstorming exercises, games, and item seven. Feca Campus Network meetings should be held regularly and each meeting should have a new member who would be introduced to the family.

The main purpose of FCN is to connect people, and to redeem the desolation of the land and generation, and this is achieved through connection - connecting members who left their zones for studies in the university or any other setting other than the univerisity.

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