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Feca (Nig) Convention: How to Prepare Well

September 27, 2019

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Conventions are events that mark the gathering of a multitude of people who share the same faith and belief. From the definition of the dictionary, convention means "a large meeting of the members of a profession, a political party, etc". It is synonymous with the word conference.
Over the years, many conventions have been going on in the history of Feca Nigeria.

Read about the history of Feca Nigeria here

From the stories told, during past years, conventions in Feca were attended only by some selected representatives in each chapter. That is, only a few persons were chosen to attend conventions. But today, many people, all members, friends and invitees are welcome to atttend Feca convention. Buses are hired, people sponsor trips to conventions and they get blessed. Some people even go the extra mile to pay for those who could not afford the money to the convention ground, mostly Freshers.

See why all Freshers should attend conventions in Feca

Freshers are people who are attending Feca newly. They are "newbies". But there are many meanings derived from the word, Fresher. When a Fresher wants to attend a convention for the first time, he may have no idea of what to do or take along with him to the convention ground. This article is meant for the Freshers. The first thing to do is this: MAKE A LIST.

Whenever convention comes up, a Fresher always has in mind that he or she is going into a new territory in another part of Nigeria and he will be far from home. In this article, I am going to be talking about the following headings inline with the topic:

Materials to Come with for Feca Convention

Non materials things to Come with for Convention

Wake Early During Convention

Sleep early at nights, wake early in the morning. This means you have to be able to be among those who sleeps early and wakes early. If you cannot do that, then be among the first people to sleep and then try and wake up with an alarm. After waking up, wake a brother or a friend. Have your quiet time, and quickly take your bathe, brush your teeth, and dress up for the morning session. Most times morning sessions start by 6A.M. So you have to wake up before 5A.M. This is because many people will queue at the tap for water and the case may be the same in the bathrooms. But if you do all these early enough, you can be rest assured of a nice spot in the hall.
If you sleep late, the tendency to sleep during session is high, and you may drowse thorughout the day until break time. You don't want that to happen.

How to Wake Early During Convention

When you first arrived the convention ground, you might be ushered into the hall, and the opening session would be conducted. This might take up some parts of the night hours, till maybe around 11P.M or 12A.M. Even after the closing prayer, you will not likely get rest or sleep immediately. You will have to get yourself registered, get your registration tag and follow your gender to the hostel or room or lodging area.

See the importance of Registration Tags in conventions

This may take up some hours of the morning and by the time everything is done, it might be 1A.M or 2A.M. You barely have time to rest. But to avoid late sleep, be focussed. Go straight to your coordinator, get registered and locate your hostel. There are many people on convention ground before you arrived so locating your hostel should not be an issue. Sometimes, your zone or chapter may need to feed before retiring to sleep but don't let that to take much of the time.
Once inside your hostel, you can choose to begin a long conversation with an old friend or you can choose to make it short and retire to bed. Remember, session starts by 6 A.M, you need at least one hour sleep...if that will help. Waking early during convention is just about sleeping early. And as the saying goes, "early to bed, early to rise". The choice is yours.

How to Gain More during Convention

The moment session begins during convention is not when you should start out. You should have started out even before you came to the convention ground. How? The answer is simple. You should have a preparation before you came for convention; but there are some things to do in order to gain more during convention. Two words can be used to summarise them all: GET INVOLVED.

See Convention Rules during Convention

Where not to go during Convention

Freedom of Movement is one of the fundamental human rights of every human being and it is good to know that this is convention ground, so you can walk anyhow you like, but, not while still in convention. There are security resaons for this and that is why you are requried to register when you arrived. Some of the places you are not supposed to go are:

Where to go during and after Convention

Convention is always fun! KTVB
KTVB = Keep The Vision Burning

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