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Who is a Fecaite?


By Emmanuel Onyemaechi

October 31, 2019 Share to friends

A Fecaite is an individual who identifies with the Christian organization known as FECA. Feca is a non-denominational Christian organization that started in the year 1990 by nine girls in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Ever since then, the vision of Feca has been burning, and everything is achieved through and by Fecaites. A Fecaite attends one or more chapters in Feca Nigeria. He or she is one who loves to share even the last of what he has. He or she is a willing and obedient leader as well as a good follower. He is also ready to work at any capacity for the growth of Christ's flock.

Fecaites are young men, women, boys and girls who are passionate about the things of God like worship, prayer, singing songs of praise to God, and sharing in the love of God. Fecaites are love personified. They are lovely people.

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