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Will there be free food during Feca Nigeria Convention?

October 10, 2019

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Hi there!
Where have you been!? These twenty-five, twenty, fifteen, two and/or one year we have been within your environment.
You know, some of the sweet words that we use in our day to day activities like success, pleasure, and fortune would not be complete without "U". We can't even laugh without "U" because there ain't no us without "U".
You are highly welcome! Sometimes you ask if it is possible to register for Feca Nigeria convention at the convention ground, maybe due to one reason or another you were not able to register for it at your chapter...
Well, the good news is that even if you could not register at your chapter, there will still be registration on camp. Registration on camp has always been #500 (Five hundred naira), of course, unless there is a change in the price. But you can register online and get a discount of #100 allowing you to register with just #400.
Also, food would be available on sale at affordable prices in the camp! FECAFOSM registration is #1,000 (unless there is a change in price) and there are hotels and guest houses and reservations outside the camp for those who would not be able to stay in camp.

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